PCET Work with Virtual Reality Featured Internationally

The work being done with virtual reality for pain management by psychologist Ted Jones, PhD at Pain Consultants of East Tennessee is making international headlines.

A new article appearing in Science Focus, the online home of BBC’s Focus Magazine, not only detailed Jones’ work but his partnership with DeepStream VR that brought virtual reality to PCET. Entitled “How VR Could Break Americas Opioid Addiction”, the article also features commentary from Drs. Joe Browder, MD and James Choo, MD.

“Jones has recently completed two small clinical trials of Cool!, which together involved 40 participants receiving between them around 60 sessions of VR,” says author Jo Marchant. “Only one person didn’t report reduced pain, he says. Overall, the patients reported that their pain fell by 60–75 percent (compared to baseline) during their VR session, and by 30–50 percent immediately afterwards. The best morphine does is 30 percent.”

In addition to originally appearing in Science Focus, the article was also featured on Quartz.com, the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics website,  and a litany of online blog sites.

Read the full article on Science Focus by clicking here.

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