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Dr. Joe Browder Featured in Pain Medicine News Magazine

PMN_mainDr. Joe Browder’s recent opinion piece appeared in the August 2016 edition of Pain Medicine News.

The commentary was entitled, “Importance of Integration of Psychology in Pain Practices”. Below is an excerpt from the piece:

“A growing body of evidence shows that an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic painful conditions is most beneficial to patients. A combination of medications coupled with psychological services, functional therapies and procedural approaches provides the best outcomes for patients. A full history and physical examination, including previous treatments, determines which of these approaches is appropriate for the patient. A diagnosis supported by clinical testing is essential.

“This commentary focuses on the integration of psychological services into an interdisciplinary practice. Having a psychologist on-site in the clinical setting is by far the most effective mode of integrating psychology into a practice. This allows for easy communication and consultation concerning patients. The very presence of a psychologist as a colleague is a constant reminder of the need for inclusion of psychological services into any treatment plan. This also provides for crisis intervention, should it arise.”

Click here to read the full piece.

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