Back Pain 6What Is Pain Management?

Chronic pain affects millions of people. Latest estimates indicate that the number of people in the United States who experience chronic pain is greater than the number of people with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, combined. Even when pain is only mild, it can stop you from enjoying normal daily life. When pain is intense, it can bring your daily activities to a complete stop and steal all of the pleasure from your day. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can help reduce th burden of chronic pain.

Pain Consultants of East Tennessee uses a comprehensive approach to managing and treating chronic pain. By listening to each patient’s history, performing a detailed physical examination and psychological assessment, reviewing past treatment records and obtaining the results of diagnostic tests and interventional treatments, we are able to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. The plan includes measures to monitor each patient’s outcomes for success by looking at each patient’s reduction in pain, suffering, and overall life disruption (i.e., improvement in quality of life).

Pain Consultants of East Tennessee believes that pain management requires a multidisciplinary treatment approach. That is, when pain management is practiced appropriately, a combination of techniques is employed. Treatment options may include precision injections, cognitive behavioral therapies, physical therapy, and medical management. Pain management, in most cases, includes quite a bit more than simply taking medication.

Pain Consultants of East Tennessee strictly follows the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiner guidelines for chronic pain management. We have worked in conjunction with local and state authorities to help make sure the laws which pertain to pain-management services are laws which preserve access to qualified care.